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TPU Bulletproof Film

TPU Bulletproof Film


Product Details


      The main component of TPU bulletproof film is polyurethane elastomer, which is a film made by a special process. Widely used in armor, aircraft, automobile, information technology, new energy, high-end equipment and other fields.



  ·  High strength
      TPU film has extremely high strength, 5-10 times that of PVB film. It can be effectively applied to the bulletproof glass of the bank and the anti-smashing glass of the villa.

  ·  Penetration resistance
     The bulletproof glass penetration test of ordinary PVB film is almost not up to the standard, and the TPU film can block the penetration of the bullet, and the back of the impacted glass does not peel off.

  ·  Good toughness
      TPU film has extremely high toughness, which is different from the brittleness of PVB film. Cold and aging resistance, weather resistance. It can be in the environment of minus 40 ℃ to minus 70 ℃, and the relative humidity of the air is less than or equal to 60%.

  ·  Environmentally friendly, non-toxic, decomposable
      TPU bulletproof film is composed of only one material, which is neutral and will not react with other materials such as PC solid sheet and curtain wall glue. It is non-toxic and tasteless. It is a high-tech environmental protection material.

  ·  Anti-UV
      TPU bulletproof film can minimize ultraviolet rays and block more than 99% of harmful rays. This helps to avoid damage from UV radiation.


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