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Color PVB

Color PVB


Product Details


      Jiangsu Jingdun is an enterprise integrating R&D, production and sales. We have independent full-color PVB film production equipment, transparent PVB film and full-color PVB film are divided into independent production, so as not to clean the color equipment, to ensure that transparent PVB film and The color stability of color PVB film, the code of Jiangsu Jingdun starts with JD-, if you receive the color PVB sample of Jingdun, please call and contact us and tell our business staff the color code you need, we will follow your exact code Production, so as to avoid color errors, thank you!

Product Features


      ·   The combination of various base colors can create colorful colors, resist heat aging and light aging, and make the color stable and consistent for a long time
      ·   Through the adjustment of pigments, various color effects of reflective, matte, fully transparent, translucent and opaque can be achieved, helping designers create colorful design effects

Color PVB Film Specifications

Remarks: Available colors in stock can be sold in pieces with a width of 2440mm and 2500mm.

Skills requirement


      ·   Non-standard customization can be made according to different needs of customers, including color, thickness, length, etc.

      ·   There is a difference between the color effect of the interlayer film and the color effect after the glass is laminated, and there is also a color difference between different glasses. When customizing, the color of the interlayer film or the color of the same glass after being laminated should be used as the standard.

      ·   Other technical indicators, provided by the technical development department



      ·   Using PE film to isolate pvb interlayer film for winding

      ·   Using aluminum-plastic vacuum bag, vacuum heat-sealed packaging

      ·   Packed in wooden case


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