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SGP Interlayer

SGP Interlayer


Product Details


      SGP film is a new type of polymer material with high molecular weight and high elastic modulus based on ionic bond.

Product features and advantages


  ·  Has high strength and shear modulus, excellent mechanical properties.
      The shear modulus of SGP is 100 times that of PVB, and the tear strength is 5 times higher than that of PVB. After the SGP is laminated, the glue layer between the two pieces of glass basically does not slide when the glass is stressed, and the two pieces of glass work as a single piece of glass with the same thickness. In this way, the bearing capacity is twice that of PVB laminated glass of equal thickness; at the same time, under the condition of equal load and equal thickness, the bending degree of SGP laminated glass is only 1/4 of that of PVB laminated glass.

  ·  Has good edge stability and good compatibility with structural adhesives.
      Edge stability refers to the durability of the edge of laminated glass exposed to atmospheric conditions. PVB lamination is not resistant to moisture, and it is easy to open and separate under the action of water vapor, so the exposed edges are required to be edge-sealed. The SGP film has good edge stability, is not sensitive to moisture, has low absorption and absorption, and will not open or separate when used under exposed conditions. After 12 years of sealant and coating compatibility test, no adverse reaction was found.

  ·  Colorless and transparent, not easy to change color, excellent permeability, yellowing index below 1.5.
      The SGP laminated film itself is colorless and translucent, and has good weather resistance and is not easy to yellow. The yellowing coefficient of SGP film is less than 1.5, while the yellowing coefficient of PVB film is 6~12. At the same time, SGP film can still maintain its original transparency after many years of use, while ordinary PVB interlayer film will gradually become more yellow during use.

  ·  Excellent glass breakage safety and intrusion resistance.
      Ordinary PVB laminated glass, especially tempered laminated glass, once the glass is broken, it will produce great bending deformation, and there is a danger of falling off the whole piece. When the glass is installed horizontally on the roof, the risk is even greater. The integrity of the SGP interlayer laminated glass is good, and the tear strength of the SGP laminated film is 5 times that of the PVB laminated film. Even if the glass is broken, the SGP film can still stick The broken glass forms a temporary structure after failure, which has small bending deformation and can withstand a certain amount of load without the whole piece falling. This greatly improves the safety of the glass.

  ·  Excellent weather resistance, not easy to age.
      After 12 years of outdoor natural aging test in Florida, accelerated weathering test in Arizona, boiling and baking experiments, there is no problem of glue opening and foaming after 12 years.

  ·  Excellent adhesion to metals.
      The bond strength of SGP and metals is high, such as aluminum, steel, copper. Laminated glass made of SGP and metal wire, mesh and plate can greatly improve the performance of glass after breaking, and has strong anti-damage and anti-intrusion performance.


Scope of application


      1. External curtain wall of building: point-mounted external curtain wall, glass ceiling, glass floor, glass railing.

      2. Safety glass: bulletproof glass, explosion-proof glass, anti-violent intrusion glass.

      3. Projects that need to emphasize the transparent effect of glass, multi-layer laminated glass or places where ultra-clear glass is used.

      4. Oversized architectural glass.

      5. Composite glass with metal.

Product Specifications and Technical Parameters


      Product Specifications

      Remarks: Special specifications can be customized according to customer requirements.


Product parameters


      Comparison of performance between Jingdun SGP and PVB

Material properties






Tensile Strength(MPa)



Tear strength(MJ/m³)



Elongation at break(%)






Yellow index



Refractive index






UV blocking rate(%)



Burning point(℃)



Moisture content




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