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XIR Film

XIR Film


Product Details


      XIR super energy-saving laminated glass refers to: glass+PVB+XIR film+PVB+glass. XIR is a thin film technology product originating from the United States. Its outstanding performance is the selective treatment of visible light, ultraviolet light and infrared light in sunlight, so as to achieve the excellent energy saving and comfortable effects that users need and abandon. . It has the characteristic of "returning heat and not returning light" to achieve a strong shading effect.

Product Features



  ·  Good sound insulation
      The unique XIR film and XIR laminated glass with different thicknesses have the same sound insulation effect as or even better than LOW--E insulating glass.

  ·  Low visible light reflectivity
      It can maintain excellent energy-saving effect and uniform appearance reflection color on buildings with any different design (curved, inclined, etc.), and the visible light reflectivity is 8%.

  ·  Light weight
      Its weight is equivalent to that of ordinary laminated glass, and it is 50% lighter than the laminated double silver LOW--E insulating glass of the same specification.

  ·  Good security
      XIR glass is a kind of safety glass, its safety is better than ordinary laminated glass.

  ·  Shielding UV and Infrared
      XIR laminated glass can shield 99.8% of ultraviolet rays, effectively block ultraviolet rays from harming the human body and plants, and reduce the fading of interior decorations and the aging of plastic casings.

  ·  Shielded microwaves
      The specially made XIR laminated glass can effectively shield wave interference (such as mobile phone signal, radio signal, etc.).


XIR super energy-saving laminated glass parameters


High visible light transmittance


Shading factor SC

Visible light transmittance ≥ 58%


Heat transfer coefficient (K value) W/m2.K  

See light transmittance ≥ 58%


Violet/Infrared Shield


Visible light reflectance RVIS


Safety performance Highly secure and won't shatter
Light weight Suitable for all shapes and large structures
Scope of application Works with almost all shapes: including vertical, flat-topped, beveled, and curved

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